Top 9 the best places to walk your dog in Warsaw

As every dog owner living in a big city knows, green places for a longer walk with a dog are worth their weight in gold. And if they are quiet and calm – what more can you ask for!

Every dog needs to be a dog sometimes. It may sound colloquial, but there are many things behind it – free running in nature, exploring the environment, rolling around, bathing in puddles, chasing birds… To put it colloquially – “letting off some steam”. The truth is that city life is not natural for our pets. It is not natural to meet so many strange dogs so often and in such intensity. It’s not natural to walk all your life on a short leash next to a human’s leg, because our walking pace is completely different from that of dogs. It is not natural to constantly hear street noises.

A quiet, calm environment is also especially important if we have a reactive or sound-sensitive dog. With such pets, we should introduce new stimuli gradually, and give them the opportunity to quiet down as often as possible and freely explore the area with lots of sniffing. The more relaxing activities our dog has, the lower his stress level and the better his overall mood is.

Therefore, in today’s post, I have prepared for you my recommended more and less frequented places for a walk with your dog in Warsaw and its surroundings.

Pole Mokotowskie

A place known to all Varsovians, as it is a large area where you can find both attractions such as restaurants and bars, as well as quieter places. The main meeting place is around a big water reservoir in the central part, but going away from it you can find a more peaceful area for yourself. I like this place because it is well connected and has a lot to offer, however it is worth bearing in mind that it is not very quiet.

Bem’s Fort

As the name suggests, this is the park where the former fort of the Warsaw Fortress is located. It is an interesting place on the map of Warsaw, where I like to go for walks with my dog. However, it is quite crowded with families with children, joggers and cyclists. But if you want to walk along the canal, go inside the bunker and then sit with your dog on the grass with a waffle in your hand, I highly recommend it.

Skaryszewski Park

It is a one of the biggest parks in Warsaw, so it’s also very popular, especially on weekends. Due to its size, everyone will find a quiet corner for themselves, as there are large lawns, paths in the forest, water reservoirs. A big advantage is the great location of the park where you can get by public transport.

Kępa Potocka – Bielański Forest and green area along Vistula river

Look how big this green area is! I love this place because when you walk in the forest, you can stroll along the Vistula in the shade. As this area is located behind the Olympic Center, there are often organized sports events. I discovered this place during the Charity Run, in which I participated with my dog. Everyone will find an area for themselves, because there is plenty of space thanks to the nearby Bielański Forest. Access is good not only by public transport but also by car, which can be left at a nearby parking lot.

Bemowo Forest and Military University of Technology training ground

A place known mainly to the residents of Old Bemowo, the westernmost district of Warsaw. The forest is located on the city border and extends beyond it. It is a nature reserve, so beware of wild animals strolling there. It’s green, there are lots of paths and the nature is very rich – through dry areas to wetlands. The area of the military training ground, in turn, belongs to the University, but it is a very popular place among the inhabitants. Being there you can feel as if you are not in the city, but far away from it. Definitely, two districts: Bemowo and Bielany, are my favorites when it comes to walking places.

Kampinos National Park

Similarly as above – it is a large, green area about half an hour drive from Warsaw. It is perfect for a longer walk in the nature. It is quite crowded during sunny days and weekends, so it is worth to keep in mind. Moreover, you shouldn’t let your dog off the leash there, so it’s worth to equip yourself with a longer leash (10-15 meters), which will give your dog more freedom.

Arkadia Romantic Park

Beautiful, unique place around one hour drive from Warsaw. This is a great place for a day trip out of town. Arkadia is located near Łowicz and the easiest way to get there is by car, but those who don’t have it, can use the train and get off at the station Mysłaków. From there, all you have to do is walk less than a kilometer in the southern direction. In the park, which is about 14 hectares in size, there are green areas, beautiful gardens, water reservoirs and monuments from the 18th century such as a brick aqueduct in Roman style or a temple. It is worth going there before noon as the place, due to its uniqueness, is heavily trafficked. Admission is by ticket, opening hours and more information can be found here:

Dog runs

Of course there are many dog runs in Warsaw where you can take your dog. However, you should use them very carefully, as we mentioned in the article here: The most popular one is for sure Dog Park in Wilanow with its 1000 m2 of floor space and many accessories for practicing dog sports such as bars, tunnels, balancing beams etc.

As I wrote earlier, meeting so many different dogs at once is not natural for our dogs, and each meeting with a new individual is associated with considerable stress. For this reason, a much better solution is to go for walks in familiar places and regularly meet the same dogs. In this way, our pet will be able to establish closer relationships with others and get doggy buddies. And this, in turn, has an extremely stabilizing effect on dogs and increases their overall well-being and, consequently, comfort of life.

Forests in and around Warsaw

The best places for quiet exploration are surely forests, where thanks to large area we have more chance to walk alone with our dog. My favorites are Młociński Park, Bemowo Forest, Kabacki Forest and Linde Forest.

And if you are interested in other, more “wild” places for a walk in Warsaw area, I recommend checking it here:

To sum up, in spite of appearances, Warsaw, apart from concrete blocks of flats, has a lot of green areas perfect for a walk with a dog. I hope you will find something for yourself on the above list, whether you are looking for a place inside or outside the city for a longer, more peaceful outing.